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knit_family_fashions  “You'll Love This Collection Of 159 Vintage Knitted Fashions For The Entire Family...”
...a collection of dresses, sweaters, coats, boleros, baby items as well as a large variety of outer wear, scarves and mittens, two piece suits and dresses, blouses and even neckties and socks....

Tabitha here again... is yet another collection of nearly lost knitting patterns.  This collection is stuffed full of patterns for many needs and a project for every occasion.

To see the finished projects, simply click on the "Click Here To Look Inside" Link.


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"Hand Knits by Royal Society" Book No. W-7, 1946 ($19.97 value)
  • 46 pages

  • 33 beautiful patterns for twin sets, blouses, socks, slippers, ski cloths, mittens, men's sleeveless sweater vest, girls pinafore and cardigans as well as a plaid jacket. All very beautiful.

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"Knitting Knacks - Your Guide to Better Knitting", 1945  ($14.97 value)
  • 26 pages

  • 14 patterns for men's or women's garter stitch scarf, baby slippers, blanket and cardigan, snug anklet socks, winter hat and mittens, men's cable stitch sweater vest, women's chic purse and a beautiful lapel flower. There are even guides and charts for resizing your pattern, making button holes and selecting the right yarns for your projects...too much to mention it all!

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"Minerva Style Book" vol. 33, 1934  ($19.97 value)
  • 54 pages

  • 24 patterns for knitted evening gown, twin sets, dresses, coats, scarf, hats, cardigans, blouses, even a bathing suit!  All in multiple sizes with detailed instructions.

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"Art in Knitwear by Gibsonia" No. 11, circa 1940's ($14.97 value)
  • 19 pages

  • 9 knitted patterns for twin sets, V-neck cardigan, one-piece dress, blouses and a sleeveless sweater vest as well as a ski jumper, cap and mittens!

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"Little Fashion Folio" vol. 16, circa 1940's ($19.97 value)
  • 51 pages

  • 41 patterns for the entire family! Cardigans of many sizes and shapes for child and adult, men's knitted and crocheted neckties, scarf and glove set, men's pullover sweaters and vests, baby sets, embroidered coat, caps, bonnets and more as well as many patterns for children's sweaters, vests, jackets and dresses. But that's not all, there's also a beautiful knitted bolero, women's long over coat, jackets, knitted one and two piece dresses and even a few crocheted baby items as well. This one thought of everything...whatever you need for your family is here!

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"Minerva Style Book" Vol. 51, 1938 ($19.97 Value)
  • 48 pages

  • 25 patterns in this vintage book include a variety of one and two piece dresses, a crocheted bolero with embroidered flowers, a 3 piece suit with jacket, skirt, and coat as well as a silk scarf, beautiful jackets and blouses and even twin sets. All of the patterns in this vintage book state a size 16 for the patterns which add to its uniqueness!

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Here's What Others Have To Say After Receiving Their

Vintage Pattern Collections:




"Tabitha, the cd's I received from you are of the highest quality. I love the pdf format, as this allows me to easily enlarged the images and text as needed. The format also makes it is so easy to print out individual patterns for projects. The variety of these old antique designs is phenomenal, and some of these patterns are truly exquisite!

I think the cost you've charged is only a drop in the bucket compared to the real value of these difficult-to-find patterns. Each book alone, on Ebay, could easily bring more than what you are charging for the collection! I appreciate too, your promptness in sending out the cd's. You are much more responsive (both from your web site, as well as in email notes) than most vendors I've come in contact with!

Please keep me in mind if you offer additional collections, as I will want to purchase them all! 
Many thanks,"

Penny in Santa Clarita, CA



I'm quite delighted with your service and methods. What a great way to preserve old patterns and crafts! Your service and communications are excellent . I believe it is important to let the customer know what is going on...


Pam P., Cherry Valley, NY


"Dear Tabitha,

I received the Stitchcraft cd this morning, and have had a quick look at

it. There is a lot of patterns in it that can be worn now, and other

things do not date, such as the crochet and embroidery patterns.

I am very pleased with it.

Thank you"


Patricia M., Maidstone, United Kingdom


What's The Cost For This Collection Of Rare, Vintage Pattern Books?

Rare pattern books are, well... very difficult to find.

So, unfortunately, the original copies in our library are not for sale.  They're just too scarce and almost impossible to replace, especially in near mint condition like these.  If you were fortunate enough to stumble across a copy, you could expect to pay at least $20, even up to $100 EACH...  but... we're making these collector's items available for immediate download AND on compact disk at a price even the most frugal knit enthusiast can afford...

Purchase this entire collection of vintage pattern books loaded with hundreds of vintage patterns (for immediate download & CD by mail) now for only $34.97

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Bonus #1

"Patons Craft Book" C.2, circa 1940

($14.97 value)

  • 19 pages

  • 30 patterns for every stitch you can think of as well as a diagram for the letters of the alphabet. There's even instructions on how to finish a garment!

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Bonus #2

"New Cotton Sweaters" Book No. 203, 1943 ($14.97 value)

  • 15 pages

  • 9 gorgeous patterns for long and short sleeved blouses, long and short sleeved jackets and even a v-neck blouse with embroidery and beading detail.

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Bonus #3

All pattern books on Compact Disk, rushed right to your home... postpaid.  We've reproduced these original vintage patterns using high resolution graphics in Adobe™ pdf format.  Your investment includes a copy of your pattern books on CD, sent to your address via USPS first class mail, and, if you order by midnight tonight, we'll even pick up the postage and handling! ($4.95 value)


With our "Women's Knit Fashions Volume 4" release plus your FREE bonuses, that's 278 pages and 159 vintage patterns dating from 1934 to 1946 valued at $124.94 for only $34.97!


Click Here NOW to purchase your vintage pattern books and get your four FREE bonuses

You'll have access for immediate download and receive your CD in about five to seven business days by first class mail.  International orders will take a bit longer.

Now, Here's The FREE Vintage Pattern Book I Promised...
I'll GIVE you a full copy of one of my unreleased favorites "Stoles And Shawls From 1951",  so you'll have a sample of what's behind the cover of these rare resources.
To claim your FREE pattern book "Stoles And Shawls", filled with 10 lovely patterns from 1951, just tell me where to send the secret link.  You'll receive an email in a few seconds with download instructions for your free book.  Plus, I'll send you a free vintage pattern each month by email, hand picked from my unreleased collection.
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Once Again, Here's What You'll Be Downloading In Just A Minute (AND Receive On CD In About Five to Seven Business Days)...

You'll Receive These Six Rare Pattern Books In "Vintage Knitted Fashions Vol. 1":

  • "Hand Knits by Royal Society" Book No. W-7, 1946 ($19.97 value)

  • "Knitting Knacks - Your Guide to Better Knitting", 1945  ($14.97 value)
  • "Minerva Style Book" vol. 33, 1934  ($19.97 value)
  • "Art in Knitwear by Gibsonia" No. 11, circa 1940's ($14.97 value)
  • "Little Fashion Folio" vol. 16, circa 1940's ($19.97 value)
  • "Minerva Style Book" Vol. 51, 1938 ($19.97 Value)

And, If You Order By Midnight, , We'll Also Send You These Three FREE Bonuses:


  • Bonus #1

  • "Patons Craft Book" C.2, circa 1940  ($14.97 value)

  • Bonus #2

  • "New Cotton Sweaters" Book No. 203, 1943 ($14.97 value)

  • Bonus #3

    All pattern books on Compact Disk, rushed right to your home... postpaid. ($4.95 value)

That's 278 pages and 159 vintage patterns dating from 1934 to 1946 valued at $124.94, for only $34.97!

Your Satisfaction Is My Promise, Or I'll Gladly Return Your Investment...

I've spared no expense to be sure the pattern books you'll receive in digital format (both downloadable and on CD) are the highest quality possible.  If you've taken a look at the first few pages of the pattern books by signing up using the form above, you know what I'm talking about.

In the unlikely event you receive your vintage pattern books and they are not all you thought they would be, just let me know by email, phone or fax and I'll be happy to refund your investment... no strings attached.


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Tabitha Gibbons

P.S.:  I can't wait to get your feedback on these rare patterns.  Don't forget to claim your free pattern book by signing up in the yellow box on the previous page.  Click here now to get "Women's Knit Fashions Vol. 5" plus your free gifts and a shopping cart bonus.


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