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"Minerva Stitches and Styles"...




Two Piece Outfit

Size 16

No. 300


Two Piece

Velveen Outfit

Size 16

No. 301

(pg. 3)


Two Piece Snowsheen Dress

Sizes 16

No. 302

(pg. 5)





Hyde Hall

Two Piece Woolgora and Featherdown Outfit

Sizes 16

No. 303

(pg. 7)


One Piece Luster Crepe Dress

Sizes 16

No. 304

(pg. 9)


One Piece Spanish Knitting Worsted Dress

Sizes 16

No. 305

(pg. 11)



Two Piece Featherdown Suit

Size 16

No. 306

(pg. 13)


Woolgora Twin Sweater Set

Size 16

No. 307

(pg. 15)


Two Piece Featherdown Suit

Size 16

No. 308

(pg. 17)



Two Piece Scandinavian Peasant Outfit of Velveen and Needlepoint Yarn

Size 16

No. 309

(pg. 19)



Two Piece Heather Flake and Modeen Suit

Size 16

No. 310

(pg. 21)



Two Piece Heatherdown Suit

Size 16

No. 311

(pg. 23)




One Piece Swedish Peasant  Dress of Modeen and Featherdown

Size 16

No. 312

(pg. 25)


Woolgora Twin Sweater Set

Size 16

No. 313

(pg. 127)



Woolgora Slip-Over

Size 16

No. 314

(pg. 28)




Featherdown Blouse

Size 16

No. 315

(pg. 29)



Baby Sweater

No. 316


Baby Sweater

No. 317

Wee Willie Winkie

Carriage Cover

No. 318

(pg. 30)

Majorie Daw

Cuddle Yarn Sacque

No. 319

David Copperfield

Three-Fold Saxony Slip-Over

No. 320

(pg. 32)



Pull-Over Sweater

No. 321

(pg. 34)


Tom Sawyer

Spanish Worsted Slip-Over

No. 322

Huckleberry Finn

Spanish Worsted Cardigan

No. 323

(pg. 35)


Man's Olympic Raglan Sweater

Size 40

No. 324

Colorado Springs

Man's Shetland Floss Sleeveless Sweater

Size 40

No. 325

Pebble Beach

Man's Featherdown Slip-Over

Size 40

No. 326

(pg. 36)



Milady Knitting Worsted Afghan

No. 327

(pg. 38)  


Germantown Afghan

No. 328

(pg. 39)  


Crocheted Tablecloth

No. 329

(pg. 41)  



Crocheted Tablecloth

No. 330

(pg. 43)



Crocheted Bed Cover

No. 331

(pg. 45)


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You'll Receive These Six Rare Pattern Books In "Women's Knit Fashions Vol. 5":

  • "Fleisher's Sweater Book" vol. 106, circa 1961  ($17.97 value)

  • "Cotton Fashions" vol. 113, circa 1940  ($14.97 value)

  • "Lily Advance Fashions" vol. 8A, circa 1936 ($17.97 value)

  • "Fleisher's Cardigan... Cardigan... Cardigan..." vol. 94, circa 1954 ($17.97 value)

  • "Sweater Styles" vol. 106, circa 1937 ($14.97 Value)

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  • Bonus #1

  • "Knit and Crochet Style Parade" vol. 506, circa 1954

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  • "Bernat Brushed Mohairlaine" vol. 185, circa 1958 ($14.97 value)

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That's 260 pages and 174 vintage patterns dating from 1937 to 1961 valued at $133.76, for only $34.97!

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Pat & Tabitha Gibbons

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