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Here's What's Inside 





Brushing or Raising with a Teazle Brush

(pg. 4)

Knitting Directions

Different Knitting Patterns

(pg. 8)





Crochet Stitches and Patterns

(pg. 21)

Child's Jersey

Baby's Coat

Overall Leggings

Child's Coat

Overall Leggings

Boy's Coat

Childs Coat

Girl's Coat

(pg. 22) 

Baby's Bonnet


Baby's Bonnet






Baby's Cap

Baby's Bonnet

(pg. 35)





Dressing Jacket

Baby's Shawl

Circular Bed Wrap

Circular Shawl


Shoulder Wrap


(pg. 36)

Lad's Pullover

Men's Pullover

Lady's Sleeveless Cardigan

Child's Cardigan

Child's Cardigan Child/s Cardigan

Lady's Cardigan

Boy's Cardigan

Men's Cardigan

(pg. 49)


Breechette Overall

Baby' Petticoat

Overall Drawers

Baby's Vest

Overall Drawers

Baby's Vest

Body Belt

Pilch Knickers

Child's Ribbed Vest



Baby's Vest

(pg. 50)




Child's Frock



Boy's Suit

Baby's Matinee Coat

Boy's Suit

Baby's Matinee Coat

(pg. 63)

Sleeping Vest

Lady's Vest

Lady's Vest

Lady's Vest

Lady's Knickers

Lady's Knickers

(pg. 64)

Bedroom Slippers

Lady's Bed Socks

Bedroom Slippers

Man's Bed Socks

Lady's Bed Socks

Knee Caps

Child's Gloves

Man's Gloves

Man's Mittens

Man's Warm Gloves

Woman's Size with and without Gauntlets


Infant's Slippers

Infant's Slippers


Girl's Gloves


Infant's Mittens with Thumbs

(pg. 77)






Ribbed Stockings

Stockings with Turn-over Tops

Openwork Stockings


Plain Stockings

Ribbed Stockings

Man's Light Socks

Man's Heavy Socks

Man's Ribbed Socks

Man's Golf Stockings Stocking Top

Stocking Top

Stocking Top

(pg. 78)


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